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Feeder Facial Recognition
Using a state-of-the-art technology for tracking your audience’s micro-expressions, our AI is able to create a frame-by-frame analysis of how their instant reactions in front of your content. Our facial recognition technology will help you to create better contents and to reach a better understanding and a better communication with your audience. Use Feeder to explore new ways of communication. Test your contents. Validate them. Optimize your contents after having carefully listened your target, knowing which specific parts of the content need to be improved or even changed and also which ones inspire your consumers. Our facial recognition system tracks your audience’s micro-expressions delivering emotion-based data in real-time. Each one of the micro-expressions your audience does in front of your content can’t be faked and are unconsciously linked to one of the seven basic emotions (fear, anger, joy, sad, contempt, disgust, and surprise).
Feeder Algorithm
Our algorithm translates each one of the emotions that your audience are feeling (fear, anger, joy, sad, contempt, disgust, and surprise) into pure qualitative metrics meant for you to understand what is truly happening within your campaigns. We have created 11 qualitative dimensions based on diverse formulas and parameters given by the emotions themselves. The 11 qualitative dimensions are: Wow, Attention, Discontent, Amazement, Scare, Remorse, Fun, Reject, Intrigue, Nostalgy, Validation. Our algorithm is live and is learning from the audience’s reactions to create new qualitative dimensions that will arrive within the next few months (such as nostalgia or melancholia). The Feeder algorithm democratizes neuromarketing and market research processes making emotion analysis understandable for everyone using a marketing-product mindset.
Feeder Metrics
This is where magic happens. Create your own campaigns on-the-go with the most friendly and easy to use UX in the market. Configure your campaign and set the content you want to analyze in a matter of minutes. Once the first user has seen the content, you will see the first reaction, and as your audience watch your content the analytics appear and consolidate. Your dashboard will be your next best friend in terms of taking care and understanding your audience. Created for you to spend less than 4 minutes in taking your own conclusions for improving your content, your campaign, understanding how your audience is truly feeling in front of it, and the most important: for start improving your ROI.  
How do you want to use Feeder?
Send your campaign to your audience to analyze them. You will generate a unique link within the Feeder Metrics campaign creator. Share the link with the audience you want to analyze and just wait. The sooner they click on it the sooner you will start getting results on your dashboard.
If you want to analyze your audience inside your own web, e-commerce, etc use our API and start analyzing your users as they enter on your website. You will be able to filter them by age, gender and location. Using our API you will be able to create your own dashboard if you need it. We give you the data and you decide how you want to use it. Contact us if you want to use our API.
Feeder, the reaction app.
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