Don't Act.
Feeder will help you reach to a better and new understanding of your audience. By understanding them you will be able to improve your communications validating your contents.
Improve your ROI with Feeder...
Emotion live analytics
A detailed analysis based on the seven basic emotions frame by frame. Every detail counts and not everyone will react the same. Test your content and learn on-the-go. New qualitative data based on your audience's emotions in real time.
Understand how people behave in your field. Is your content accurate? What is the type of content my audience enjoys the most? What are the emotions you are looking for?
Get your audience reaction-data in real time after launching your campaign and start getting results now. Create your own analysis within a matter of minutes.
The more accuracy on your content, the better score you will get. Let people know how much you know and understand your audience!
Create your campaigns from your backoffice. An easy-to-use UX that will help you create and optimize your campaigns depending on your goals, budget, target, content, etc.
Feeder, the reaction app.
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